Whose behind all your biggest parties ? Let’s meet the Independent Entrepreneur Event Strategist Coordinator

Ashfaq Allgoo

Since he started in the night Life he innovated and participated to more than 50 parties.Entrepreneur during the day with his Shop – DNA LAB and Strategist event Coordinator at night Fashion Mauritius team have the pleasure to make you discover Ashfaq Allgoo. 

Ashfaq Allgoo motto :“The main aim is to up my game at every possible turn without compromise.”

For nearly a decade, Ashfaq Allgoo has been an events strategist as well as an expert aligning media communications that have been successful in creating high profile events and curating branding projects all over Mauritius.

In order to spread original initiatives and positive ideas to uplift the Mauritian entertainment industry. He joined forces with his friend DUBJOY in early 2013 to create Urban Pulse and have done more than 10 outdoor caliber events, of the most talked clubbing events of Mauritius ,headliners like Showtek/Mastiksoul/Big Ali/Joseph Capriati just to name a few.

Dj DubJoy - Ashfaq Allgoo
Directors of Urban Pulse – Dj DubJoy – Ashfaq Allgoo

Highly motivated, enthusiastic and altruist personality, Ashfaq Allgoo is pure media and communication player and measured by many as one of the best of his generation.2015 was the transitional year of Ashfaq setting the foundations of his on-going career by creating his own 360° communication company namely ADRENALINE FACTORY and


co-founded clothing shop DNA LAB under the concept of multibrandstore. In early October he accepted an offer to join the newly most posh niteclub in Mauritius namely 55 LOUNGE CLUB as the Creative Strategist. The rest is history

From conception to execution, Ashfaq Allgoo is considered as the architect of his creations aligning effective strategies with company mission and vision. Passionate by geopolitics,progressive house/funky- French electro/avant-gardiste fashion and contemporary arts, After achieving  his vision is to place Mauritius on top of the game in clubbing industry of Africa and delivering high profile integrated 360° strategies.



Through theses questions we wanted to understand whose Ashfaq ?


Describe a typical work day with Ashfaq ? 

I work 6/7 per week sometimes 7/7. I guess it is surely not the typical 9 – 4 routine. I usually wake up at 10 or 11am but earlier if I have morning meetings. I will call it an eventful life as I am constantly on the move for different activaties i undertake. It goes meetings after meetings. My role is to oversee campaigns in their entirety from conceptualization to production to execution to the post mortem analysis process for the brand I’m handling. I handle 3 different roles per day. My time consist of managing the effective communication of 55 Lounge Club. Liase with my other team for Urban Pulse. Coordinating with my business partner for the brand DNA LAB and managing my clients brands under my communication company Adrenaline Factory. On weekends I’m in the club at 55 Lounge Club or events for Urban Pulse. I end my day usually by 9 or 10pm. When I’m back home, I work till late doing research consist a huge part of my work. So basically it’s mostly business meetings, site visits, product testing, brainstorming creating strategies, collaborating with talented persons from different sectors.

Tell us what are some of the challenges working as an Strategist Event coordinator are?

I guess it’s the time factor. It’s a high paced and stressful work as you have the responsibility of the whole event upon you. Event planning works like this. 80% of the work is being prepared months before the due date. The rest 20% on spot activation. Sometimes in the last days before an event, I stay with more 72 hours without sleep as everything, must be synchronised for the effectiveness of the event. On the activation spot of an event sometimes I managed upon to 200 staff and around 4000 pax. It’s surely a huge responsibility but I’m used to it as I’ve been doing this since my teenage years.

How would you describe your work style between your shop DNA LAB and your Strategist Event coordinator job ?

DNA LAB is pure pleasure. I mean I have created the brand with my cousin Irfaan Khodabukus and we work both in the communication sector, so we had a clear view what we wanted to do and it’s a real success. I mean I have work with different great local brands since years and there was a shift in their business model. It’s fashion, you just need to be a trend – setter. Our collections are targeted for rap/trap urban chic wear, geeks and nerds for both boys and girls. I would say it’s smoother than my event strategist work. I adore fashion and someone once asked me what is the definition of power for me. I said shaping culture is the ultimate thrill. All I do is related to culture, clothing brand, events brand and communication brand. It’s great to work in a great atmosphere composed mostly of artists and pioneers.

Do you have any tips for people that are interested to become a independent entrepreneur like you?

I see a lot of people who dream to work in the event sector especially clubbing or concerts. But only a few succeed. I think determination, a solid network, experience and a bit of luck are the key factors. From the time I’ve entered the clubbing world as a DJ student in Stylus DJ School (run by Patrice D’avrincourt and David Jay) , I knew what I wanted to do and what were my goals. My motto is Dream Big , Work Hard and Never give up.

If you had to change or add something into Fashion Mauritius platform ,what would it be ?

Surely I would not change anything on FM. It’s such a great platform with awesome creative content. If I would add something, it would definitely more creative content concerning entertainment in Mauritius.


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