PORLWI by light the amazing Artists

Hello Fashion people,


Last weekend we saw this amazing event happening in the Capital. We had to be there! The crowd was massive in Port-louis yet everyone had this big smile on their faces at each street corner where installations were made created its own distinctive mood, the set-up was just brilliant!


We tried to make some quick videos for you dear readers to have a feel of the event, as words are not enough!


LE Ballet des Pirogues

Le Jardin de la Compagnie

Le Théâtre de Port-Louis

La vieille Prison

Street Music


My very personal ‘coup de coeur’ was the set-up at ‘ La Vieille Prison’  this place was just amazing, the feeling inside this historic place is very hard to describe, one could feel its hard past, almost felt that you could hear the stones that made those walls telling you the stories that only the people behind it knew. Each prison cell hosted the installation of a local artists which had for theme Evasion… What a nice idea to present an art expo in an old prison with ‘Evasion’ as theme!


I tried my best to capture all the installations within the limited time we had inside. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

A big big Bravo to the organising team ! A new generation of artists are up and rise on our small island and it is with great pleasure that we show our support to them.


More of Porlwi by light on the official website www.porlwi.com


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