Tips for wearing a churi (cotton leggings) which is too tight with the help of a plastic bag.

Facilitate your task to slip on your Churi (cotton leggings) with a SIMPLE plastic bag

Sometime when you are in a hurry and just came out of your bath, your feet are wet and what a hell to sit and try to struggle with that tight churi (cotton leggings) and on top of that your husband is bullying you to get ready and be on time. OMG….what to do? At that point you seek help with the kids, the maid and you are at a lost.

Keep cool –  There is a little trick to putting on a churi that is a bit tight around your ankles.  Slip your feet into a plastic bag and tie it tightly around your ankle before sliding the churi on. You will see that the churi will enter smoothly without any effort.


Churi can not only be worn with an anarkali dress or exclusively by middle-aged or older women. Nowadays, the churi is very popular and are worn by young girls also. The teens wear it with T-Shirt or kurtis.  It looks very elegant.

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