What Is A Pre-Workout?


A pre-workout, as it’s name already indicates, must be take taken before a training session and it contains various active substances (creatine,arginine,caffeine,beta-alanine,amino acid,glutamine,thermoghenics,vitamins,etc.) depending on the brand. It’s a supplement that is recommended for athletes or gym goers who really like to push the limits.







creatineCreatine: This supplement has been around for ages, tested and re-tested. It has stood the test of time. Creatine is found in the body in minute quantities. Concentrations are located around skeletal muscle tissue, when one supplements with creatine, the body forces water into the muscle and gives them a fuller look. Creatine also possesses anti-catabolic properties that prevent excessive muscle wasting.





Caffeine:coffee-coffee The holy grail of all ingredients must definitely be caffeine. This ingredient has been around in our kitchen’s before we even learnt how to walk. Caffeine plays an important role in pre-workouts, it boosts mental focus and energy and provides a constant  drive in your workout. One must be careful when supplementing with caffeine, tolerance builds up quickly, and more of the substance will be required to achieve the same effect.





Arginine: arginineFound in most pre-workouts, arginine is an amino acid that acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide which is responsible for various functions in our bodies. In body building this supplement is well spoken of, it is used primarily for it’s “pump” producing effect due vasodilation, in turn more blood flows freely with muscles and the results can be seen and  felt.




Green Tea Extract:Benefits of Green Tea Extract What better for you body than green tea? Green tea LOL. This ingredient is commonly found in pre-workouts under the name Polyphenol. A potent fat burner and lipase inhibitor, polyhenol has long been used as a diet aid. Be sure to spot this ingredient in your pre-workout if you are on a weight loss regimen.

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