Men Clothing: What To Wear To a Club, Lounge or Party?

TGIF !!!!!!  

After a hectic day at work, you are looking forward to a Friday night with colleagues, friends or your girlfriend to relax.

You want to feel great and sexy.  The big question is: How and what to wear?

Well, to remove your stress, you will find below some ideas on the Dos and Do nots of men clothing for a party.

Men clothing: Shirts Etiquette

People have the tendency of wearing black shirts. OK, black shirts will do, but if you want to stand out – better wear something other than black. Wear a plain shirt or one with an interesting pattern and color. You can wear with a coat or a v-neck vest.  Do not wear a shirt with “bling bling”…… this will make you look like a walking christmas tree.  Do you want this? Obviously NOT.

You can opt for a light weight leather jacket or a sport coat. Do not wear too many heavy layers underneath.

Men clothing: pants style

Black or any dark colors are recommended. Or else, you could dress up in a pair of dark wash jeans.

Shoes trend

Never wear trainers, sneakers or tennis shoes. Wear a nice pair of  ‘slip-on’ shoes or something without lace. As far as you can – avoid white shoes.

So gentlemen, use your charm, be cool, do not drink too much, have fun and return home safely.

For any additional info you may require, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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