Amiirah Sheriff, the Tomboy who became a Beautician – Make Up Artist


Amiirah Beautician Pro Make up Artist
Amiirah Beautician Pro Make up Artist

Amiirah Sheriff gave Atif Aslam a make-over, owns a Beauty Parlour and has done many Make-Up relooking and Wedding make-up transformations, participated in various Fashion Shows and so much more. Fashion Mauritius met this talented lady and through this meeting, you will discover her journey in the fashion industry and some aspects of her life. One of the questions we asked her was : ” The transition from Amiirah the tomboy to the Beautician Make Up Artist ,what was the trigger?” 


A bright student, very enthusiastic and down to earth, Amiirah Sheriff decided she would work in this industry at the age of 18 years old and thus started a Diploma in Beauty therapy. A 3 year course during which she started working on a part time basis to fuel her aptitudes. Amiirah always believed that practice makes perfect, so she seized an opportunity and aimed higher by taking a make-up course and sacrificed another 3 years of her life in enhancing her talents by working in close collaboration with a Pakistani makeup expert who helped her become a real master in make-up. She made her debut as an amateur and ended up as a professional.

Amiirah Sheriff loves fashion and photoshoots. She wanted to mix fashion and glamorous make-up. So she organized her first Extravaganza show in December 2013, followed by Glamour show in May 2014, another Barbie show in December 2014 and a spectacular Bridal show in May 2015.

Despite being very humble, Amiirah Sheriff is also very popular over the net. She has been listed as the official make up artist in Miss Global International and is currently working on a new project, the cover magazine for a Wedding Mag.

Pakistan Singer - Atif Alsam in Live in Mauritius
Pakistan Singer – Atif Alsam in Live in Mauritius – Amiirah Sheriff gave him a MakeOver

She has accomplished stressed success in Miss Mauritius 2012 ,2013 and 2014. She also did some celebrities makeover and Atif Aslam was one of them.


Amiirah - Recent work of Make-Up Make-Over -
Amiirah – Recent Make-Up Make-Over job

Her aim is to show her talents on an international level while developing new and innovative makeovers.

Amiirah Sheriff wants to become a prominent makeup expert after upgrading her skills and reaching the same level as her icon Naem Khaus in London.The latter has been her inspiration since a decade.

Fashion Mauritius and I had the pleasure to introduce you to this marvelous strong woman. And there’s more to come…


Questions :

The transition from Amiirah the tomboy to the Beautician Make Up Artist, what was the trigger?

Ever since the age of 17, I had much more of a boylish style than that of a girl but the transition from Tomboy Amiirah to Amiirah Beautician occurred when I was 18. I was impressed by the Glamourous Artistic Touch of make up. Therefore I decide to go along with the flow.

What does a day in Amiirah Sheriiff’s life looks like?

A day in Amiirah Sheriff ‘s life starts by preparing to go at my Beauty Parlour. Once there, I have a look at the appointment of the day, attend queries of customers, give advice, do skin analysis and also skin treatment. During weekends, outdoor works like bridal make up.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other Make Up Artists?

Amiirah Beautician’s signature look is based on Creativity and Simplicity. I take at heart every little thing I do for my make ups and I always put my personal touch in all my work. As the saying goes Practice makes Perfect.

What are some common beauty mistakes that woman make?

Some people usually use too much of foundation, powder and sometimes they don’t know the perfect mixture and this results in a skin tone looking grey and cakey.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to female followers of Fashion Mauritius?

Avoid overdose of make up, people should know how to ”Blend” and select the right color of foundation and also how to apply their lipstick depending on whether it’s day or night.

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Video – Fashion Show at the Hennessy Park Hotel


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