Miss Figure Mauritius 2015. Annie Paul Makes Mauritian History



Annie Paul Peerbux broke every record in Mauritius to become the first woman to ever win the Female Bodybuilding Figure Title Division


Mauritius bodybuilding fans increased by the numbers this week as fitness freaks from all over the country came to witness the show. An important highlight of the night was the incredible and most dynamic competitive Figure contest. Each women looked stunning on stage, but the title was carried away by Annie Paul Peerbux who added her first Prize Cup.


Annie Paul Peerbux came on stage with an absolutely stunning package. She was shredded, hard, and extremely well proportioned.


Body Review: 
12248203_996763100365594_2939509765555306252_oBack: Her strongest asset was obviously her back, the hardness and deep muscle striations made her the most obvious winner.











Arms: Her tricep as shown in this picture runs really deep. It is obvious that a lot of work was put into the building of her biceps and front quadrant shoulder muscle.









All in all the contest went really well, both competitors in the division showed hard work and dedication. Their diets were straight and their training was rock solid. I am really excited to see if she will pull another rabbit out of a hat on her next contest. Good luck to all.


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