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      Hello my awesome readers. This is to let you know that I will be publishing a weekly article highlighting my epic weekends this December. During my not much younger days, I partied like an animal is the City of Light, Dubai. Three years ago I decided to leave all that behind in […]

  Botox at 25: some women no longer hesitate More and more women barely in their mid twenties are running to their closest aestheticians in order to get some Botulinum Toxin injected all over their faces. However, more and more doctors are advising against such premature procedure.               In […]

  Annie Paul Peerbux broke every record in Mauritius to become the first woman to ever win the Female Bodybuilding Figure Title Division   Mauritius bodybuilding fans increased by the numbers this week as fitness freaks from all over the country came to witness the show. An important highlight of the night was the incredible […]

A pre-workout, as it’s name already indicates, must be take taken before a training session and it contains various active substances (creatine,arginine,caffeine,beta-alanine,amino acid,glutamine,thermoghenics,vitamins,etc.) depending on the brand. It’s a supplement that is recommended for athletes or gym goers who really like to push the limits.             Creatine: This supplement has been […]