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If your bank balance dictates your beauty spending habits, don’t despair.  With a modest budget, you can treat yourself with simple “At-Home Care” with great efficiency.  Try it and I am sure you will adopt these easy-going tips. Willing to work for more voluminous Lashes? Use a cotton bud to apply castor oil on your lashes. […]

  We all know that you just can’t change your height, but what you can do is to use tips which might help you not look shorter that you actually are, and help you gain more confidence!! Wear nude shoes. Wear normally one colour or maximum two – Unified pattern if possible. Ditch big handbags – Gigantic […]

Everybody knows that eating as much unprocessed, organically grown food is possible for optimal health.  One frequently overlooked way to enhance and optimize health with organically grown food, is the use of herbs and spices – unprocessed and organic, of course. The amazing benefit of these herbs and spices is that they are very low […]

Facilitate your task to slip on your Churi (cotton leggings) with a SIMPLE plastic bag Sometime when you are in a hurry and just came out of your bath, your feet are wet and what a hell to sit and try to struggle with that tight churi (cotton leggings) and on top of that your husband […]

Yoga is a discipline which includes a technique to master organism of the body and to render it healthy. Yoga means “Union” – “Connection”. It creates awareness in all its form.  The term Yoga comes from the root “Yuj”, meaning “to join”. The art of Yoga is defined as a system of culture for enhancing […]

  International Women’s Day  has been established by UN in 1977 to recall us the principle of equality between men and women.  It is celebrated every year on the 8th of March all across the world . In many countries, International Women’s Day is proclaimed as a holiday.  It is usually celebrated with a pre-planned and a […]