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A party to organise? Modern? Classy? Chic? Glam? You want a pre-party service? An after-party service? A big fat party? Bipasha Kowlessur takes care of everything! She realized her dream by becoming an event planner. After her schooling at Le Bocage International School, she flew for Great Britain for a LLB course at Central Lancashire UCLAN .

Once she came back to the country, she had to choose between taking her bar examination in Mauritius or in Great Britain. But something was missing and wasn’t at all going into the right direction and she could felt it. That is when she thought of an alternative. Bipasha Kowlessur knew she was very good at organizing parties,even during her school holidays she was always making sure to organise a party,every excuses was good too… She was good at it and thought she could earn a living by planning events. Everyone knew that the lifestyle of office people wasn’t for her at all. Bipasha thought of all these wonderful parties she organized when she was still at school and even the house-parties which she planned in Great Britain. She decided to start her own business. To do so, she had to specialize in Marketing and Communication.

Bipasha came back from Great Britain and enrolled for a Marketing and Communication course at Charles Telfair Institute in order to follow her dreams and organize parties on the island.

Bipasha Kowlessur is a talented professional based in Mauritius. She stands amongst the island’s most charismatic ambassadors. Today, she is a successful marketing and event professional, allowing her to work closely in the fashion and retail industry of Mauritius and overseas.

Her success is perfectly complimented by her acute sense of style. She takes the fashion world for a ride and casually pulls off any dress or style with ease and panache. Bipasha Kowlessur mixes fashion with her own style and is definitely the most famous trendsetter and style icon in Mauritius.

She currently works for a leading Mauritian distribution and retail company. Her job is to make sure that international and local brands have a maximum exposure. If you want to know more about Bipasha ;) – Web Site – Being Bipasha

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Fashion Mauritius and I wanted to discover through some questions Bipasha Kowlessur :)


Define your career choice ?

Right from the start, I was lucky to know exactly what I wanted to do. I quickly realized I enjoyed meeting people, that I was attracted to the events sector and liked innovation. I strongly believe that if a person is passionate and serious, the choice of a career is more easily made. Thus, my choice was obvious. I chose the marketing and events sector.

Describe a typical work day with Bipasha Kowlessur

There is no typical day for me. Every day is a new adventure, new responsibilities and full of surprises. But if there is one thing that never changes when I work, it is my passion and my professionalism. Everything should be made at the right time and in a effective way, for a very simple reason. My job is to make sure that the public feels important. By providing a quality service, I have to keep its loyalty. A typical day with me, is a day where perfection is the magic word at all levels.

Do you have any tips for all the women who are interested to become independent and happy like you ? 

Believe in you and your abilities and learn to develop them. There is no secret. You have to work hard, always keep a fighting spirit and never give up. And most of all, choose a job you like and so you won’t have to work a single day of your life!

Define your fashion orientation ? 

Even if I remain faithful to some brands, I am trying from now on to create my own style. I think I can say without any pretence, that I am more and more able to catch people’s attention during these last years. By being myself, throughout the years, I challenge myself to be a woman with timeless charm.

For the celebration of Women’s month on this platform do you have Fashion tips for female readers of Fashion Mauritius ?

In one word. DARE ! And if you want to know more about it , you’re welcome on my Instagram page 😉

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