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La mode est un univers qui ne cesse d’évoluer. Pourtant, certains articles de mode, qu’il s’agisse d’accessoires ou de vêtements, ont laissé leur empreinte en marquant plusieurs générations. C’est le cas de la petite robe noire, de la mini-jupe ou encore des lunettes de soleil. Fashion Mauritius vous propose de découvrir ces articles de mode […]

No matter if you are an oval , heart ,diamond , round ,square face shape ,you need to feel confortable and find your shades or glasses. If you want a really good pair of shades or glasses you must take in consideration the structure of your eyebrow and the space between your cheek bones & […]

The Jeans is back but not on your butt! <3 ;) 2 pictures : I had tried them for you and it’s a unisex sunglasses that you definitely should have for summer! You’ll be for sure Trendy and Fashion. BVLGARI ! 5 pictures :  The beige stick gives a discret but classy look. Anywhere and […]

My selection of the week. How could you be more #Fashion #Classy and #Stylish Have a look at the selection. Find yours! How ? Where ? With what could you wear those sunglasses? Sunglasses Wear it at work. Wear it with working garment.Any colors will suit! Be sure ,that it will give right away a […]

  Find the presentation video of Ijaz Patel. THE STORY Patel optics was founded in 1986 Carries a complete line of [Frames & Lenses]  [Prescription and non-prescription glasses] [Contacts lenses & Eyeswear for children] The both showrooms with a modern equipment and purposes a range of famous brand such as Rayban ,Bvlgari ,Versace and many more. 3 […]

Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using latex waist waist shapers, body shapers or corsets, this practice came to prominence during The Victorian times. The more you wear your cinchers/corsets the more effective it will be. Waist reduction and reshaping requires consistency. The best results are achieved with combining the use of this product […]