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Yoga is a discipline which includes a technique to master organism of the body and to render it healthy. Yoga means “Union” – “Connection”. It creates awareness in all its form.  The term Yoga comes from the root “Yuj”, meaning “to join”. The art of Yoga is defined as a system of culture for enhancing […]

S’acheter de nouveaux vêtements de sports Et oui ! c’est tout aussi simple que ça ! Cela fait toujours plaisir d’avoir de nouveaux vêtements ou de nouvelles chaussures et vous verrez que les porter en allant à la salle de sport est une excellente source de motivation. On se sent bien, joyeux et fier. Nouveaux vêtements, Nouveaux […]

Diets do not work. They are only a quick fix or at best a short-term solution, but they do not work long-term. This is why you keep on changing from one diet to another. Diets create low self-esteem. As soon you as stop your diet, you feel bad, guilty. You may even feel powerless, lacking […]

  Annie Paul Peerbux broke every record in Mauritius to become the first woman to ever win the Female Bodybuilding Figure Title Division   Mauritius bodybuilding fans increased by the numbers this week as fitness freaks from all over the country came to witness the show. An important highlight of the night was the incredible […]

A pre-workout, as it’s name already indicates, must be take taken before a training session and it contains various active substances (creatine,arginine,caffeine,beta-alanine,amino acid,glutamine,thermoghenics,vitamins,etc.) depending on the brand. It’s a supplement that is recommended for athletes or gym goers who really like to push the limits.             Creatine: This supplement has been […]

You’ve been doing well lately, strictly following your healthy eating plan, exercising even better and yet, the number on the scales are not going down. This is common so do not get discouraged and DO NOT STOP! I assure you, this happens to many. Have you ever been told than muscle weighs more than fat – this is REAL. […]