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If your bank balance dictates your beauty spending habits, don’t despair.  With a modest budget, you can treat yourself with simple “At-Home Care” with great efficiency.  Try it and I am sure you will adopt these easy-going tips. Willing to work for more voluminous Lashes? Use a cotton bud to apply castor oil on your lashes. […]

Everybody knows that eating as much unprocessed, organically grown food is possible for optimal health.  One frequently overlooked way to enhance and optimize health with organically grown food, is the use of herbs and spices – unprocessed and organic, of course. The amazing benefit of these herbs and spices is that they are very low […]

Yoga is a discipline which includes a technique to master organism of the body and to render it healthy. Yoga means “Union” – “Connection”. It creates awareness in all its form.  The term Yoga comes from the root “Yuj”, meaning “to join”. The art of Yoga is defined as a system of culture for enhancing […]

The best way to get rid of dry and dead skin cells, and have your skin look young and radiant, is to exfoliate. However, nowadays, we see so many products in pharmacies and stores and we are not always sure about their efficiency. Sometimes, it’s so much better and fun to do things by ourselves! […]

Nous serons tous amenés à vieillir, c’est un fait. Cependant, vieillir ne veut pas dire ne plus prendre soin de soi ou encore ne plus être à la mode. De plus, il existe désormais plusieurs types de produits qui permettent de prendre soin de son corps. Parmi ces derniers, on retrouve le soin anti-âge. Fashion […]

Comment se débarrasser des points noirs sur vos jambes? La plupart des femmes, et même les hommes, finissent souvent par avoir des points noirs sur certaines parties du corps. Ceci ressemble souvent aux petits points trouver sur les fraises, certains appellent même cela les ‘strawberry legs’. Quelle est la cause de ces points noirs sur vos jambes […]