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Anyone heard of Meatless Monday? Pretty easy to guess ;) no meat on Mondays!   Meatless Monday is a worldwide campaign that encourages people to cut out meat once a week – on Mondays, in order to improve their health and the health of the planet. I have chosen to make this post not to convert all […]

A pre-workout, as it’s name already indicates, must be take taken before a training session and it contains various active substances (creatine,arginine,caffeine,beta-alanine,amino acid,glutamine,thermoghenics,vitamins,etc.) depending on the brand. It’s a supplement that is recommended for athletes or gym goers who really like to push the limits.             Creatine: This supplement has been […]

L’expérience à vivre.. Comment porter plus fémininement le turban et l’accessoiriser. Comment re-designer les traits de vos sourcils pour celles qui les perdent pendant ces temps dures. Le secret c’est de toujours trouver une solution pour retrouver cette féminité. Rencontre avec Perette et Silvie.