How to avoid/fight hangovers ?

It’s that time of the year again where you will put your cocktail glasses to great use. These tips may come handy during the festive season to avoid that hangover!


  1. Most evident one: do not go overboard with the alcohol. The healthy recommendations are
    – No more than 2 standard drinks in a day (24 hours) and,
    – On a single rare occasion no more than 4 standard drinks.
    In order to reduce the risks of disease and injury associated with alcohol.
    Standard drinks explained
  2. Alcohol is a diuretic and drinking alcohol in excess can cause dehydration. The headache associated with a hangover indicates that your body is dehydrated. So drink enough water in between drinks and do not forget to drink some more before bed time. The rule is: for every standard drink you pour yourself, you need to have 250mL of water.
  3. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Have some food before or with your drink.
    Some people find that it helps to have some food after they’ve been drinking. You can try to snack on low calorie foods such as vegetables and fruits to avoid consuming too many calories. (Keep in mind that alcohol also provides calories)
  4. Very too often we forget to get enough sleep. Get into bed and give enough time to your body to recover.

Anyone keen to share their tips?

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