Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day 2016!


International Women’s Day  has been established by UN in 1977 to recall us the principle of equality between men and women.  It is celebrated every year on the 8th of March all across the world . In many countries, International Women’s Day is proclaimed as a holiday.  It is usually celebrated with a pre-planned and a particular theme in certain countries to strengthen the political and social awareness towards women struggles and their valuable contributions.

Generally, International Women’s Day is celebrated to provide respect to women fraternity, appreciate them and to express our love to them.  Women are the major part of the society and play an important role in the economic and social activities.

Empowering women will reduce domestic violence, corruption and poverty as well as to enhance economic power and national development.

International Women’s Day is a special event which is celebrated by people including women leaders from the business, political, community, educational institutions and others.

In general, International Women’s Day is celebrated by organizing variety of programs like seminars, parades, conferences and other competitive activities. This event plays a great role and helps to communicate the real message about women’s rights and their places in the society.  It promotes the living condition of the women by solving their social issues.

Women’s Day In Mauritius

Gender Equality: Mauritius is ranked 63rd out of 146 countries

In year 2011, Mauritius ranked 63rd out of 146 countries, according to Gender Inequality Index of the UN, indicates the report Gender Statistics  of 2011, recently released by Mauritius Statistics.  The Index reflects inequality in achievements between women and men in reproductive health, empowerment and the labour market. The Index shows the loss in human development due to inequality between female and male achievements in these dimensions.

Domestic Violence – The protection from Domestic Violence Act 1997, caters for victims of Domestic Violence in Mauritius.  According to this Act, Domestic Violence is  an aggressive behavior which includes all kinds of physical, sexual and emotional abuses within all types of intimate relationship.

Facts And Findings

The Protection from Domestic Act of 1997, provides for Protection, Tenancy and Occupancy Orders.

Protection Orders – which restraints the abuser from further violence and orders him to be of good conduct.

Tenancy Orders – which gives the victim the exclusive right to occupy a rented house and if the abuser rents the house, he would pay for the rent.

Occupancy Orders – which grants exclusive rights to the victim to live in the residence, which may belong to the victim or the abuser or both.

In determining the order, the court must consider the need to ensure that the victim is protected from Domestic Violence, the welfare of any child affected or likely to be affected, the accomodation needs of the aggrieved spouse and her children and any hardship caused to the respondent spouse and her children.  Help is provided by the Family Welfare for the application to these Orders.

N.B.:- The above information about the law in Mauritius against Domestic Violence can be verified through University of  Mauritius’ site which is developed by the VCILT)

It is good to know that in Mauritius, we have ONG’s like:-

  • SOS Femmes
  • Victim Support
  • Media Watch Organization

In The News

International Women’s Day: Air India New Delhi/San Francisco flight to have all Women Crew

New Delhi: Air India will operate the longest all-women crew flight from the national capital of San Francisco on March 6, to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

The “historic” New Delhi/San Francisco flight would have 14 crew members and four pilots, all of whom would be women.  The flight would leave on March 6 and return on March 8.

Special note:- To celebrate International Women’s Day, people wear purple ribbons.

Well, I wish you all a Happy Women’s Day!!!!


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