Why Dieting to Lose Weight should not be your New Year’s resolution?

Diets do not work. They are only a quick fix or at best a short-term solution, but they do not work long-term. This is why you keep on changing from one diet to another.
Diets create low self-esteem. As soon you as stop your diet, you feel bad, guilty. You may even feel powerless, lacking willpower.
Diets impair your metabolism. Severely restricting your food for long period of times will slow down your metabolism, making weight loss harder. What it also means is that you are not fuelling your body.
Diets set you up for failure. They make you follow rigid rules. They very often cause you to have cravings. Diets deprive you.
Diets are not sustainable on the long run! And weight loss is not the solution to all your problems.


Choose the anti-diet lifestyle: Listen to your body, listen to your hunger cues. Eat in moderation. Always try to make the healthiest choice. Be more active.
Your aim for 2016 should be to get healthier by making small healthy choices and adopting them one by one, which will slowly result in a big change..
Ditch the dieting culture and adopt a healthy lifestyle!

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