Strong like Popeye



I’m loving the spinach from my mom’s garden. Not actually organic but I sure know where it’s from, all home grown!


Spinach is wonderful to use in cooking as it is so versatile. You can eat it raw in salads, boiled, sautéed. As a side vegetable dish, in pasta dishes, baked dishes. I think you get it, the options are endless.


From a nutritional point of view, it’s a powerhouse of nutrients. Spinach provides you with vitamins K, A, and C, magnesium, folic acid, iron to name a few.


So you know what to do now: have regular mouthfuls of spinach et get strong like Popeye ;)



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      Anya Benoit says:

      Hi Martine, thanks for your question.
      Spinach is not the highest plant food-containing fibre. The vegan sources of protein that should be included daily in a diet are: legumes, nuts, deeds, soy. Vegetables and non-dairy milks also contribute protein and should be consumed everyday. (Wholegrains such as brown rice or wholegrain cereal products/breads will also provide some protein to the diet). The amount of protein you get will depend on the quantity of the specific protein source you eat. Consuming a wide variety of foods will ensure you get enough of protein.

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