The Botox Craze in Mauritius.


Botox at 25: some women no longer hesitate

More and more women barely in their mid twenties are running to their closest aestheticians in order to get some Botulinum Toxin injected all over their faces. However, more and more doctors are advising against such premature procedure.



In todays world getting your face botoxed up has become even cheaper than our ordinary teeth whitening procedure.

Botox is one of the few non surgical and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures that women opt for. In the past doctors used to inject collagen, a excruciatingly painful procedure. Nowadays all you need is a needle the size of a hair pin and a bottle of some “Good Ol Toxin”.

A large group of women have chosen botox due to it’s relatively simple procedure that doesn’t require surgery but rather by having your facial muscles injected with a toxin that paralyses them. The temporary paralysis inhibits the movement of muscles, in turn this prevents wrinkles to be visible but also any other facial expression. Still tempted dear readers?

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