The Rich List


The Rich List has built local relationships to keep VIP Concierge’s clientele satisfied with an access to a broad range of events in Mauritius such as Inaugural Balls, Private Parties and much more. If we can’t get you tickets, nobody can.

The Rich List concierge provides an access point to our top clientele to attend various events around Mauritius, Award Show, Parties, Red Carpet Events, Movie Premieres and many other exclusive A-List events. We also have various other benefits in our VIP Rich List Package.

What’s a party if you can’t make one yourself?

rich list

Not only does The Rich List provide you access to various events, we also provide our clientele full access to our Private Parties organised by the Rich List itself. These are not you regular club or beach party, these are event that will leave other in awe.



The Rich List invites you to join our exclusive mode de vie with packages that will be offered soon. Reward your achievements and hard work and live that Rock Star Life.

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