What To Bring In a Lady’s Travel Handbag?

Usually when you travel, you have the tendency  to bring everything in your handbag – sometimes rubbish – and useless items which, when you are back home, you realize you have not used at all. Here’s what you should be bringing with you in your handbag.

To start with, you have to bring a BIG handbag.


Barrel bag with long strap

Items to go in the handbag are :

  • A large SCARF (more or less), normally black or red will do. Sometimes in the plane, it is a bit chill and the scarf will help.
  • Your mobile phone together with the charger and the cables. If you have a portable charger, it is much more practical and you are covered safely everywhere.


  • One rectangular for passport and other travel documents.


  •  A second one, sort of a purse, to keep your money and credit cards.


  • Medicines: headaches tablets or anything against diarrhea will help. You can also bring some candies or sugarfree chewing gum.
  • A book, if you like reading. Some people hate watching television.
  • Last but not least, YOUR COSMETIC BAGS!!!!


With time, you will know exactly what you need instead of bringing lots of make-up for nothing. Also, avoid carrying heavy ones.

Items you need in the cosmetic bag:

  • A pack of make-up remover wipes.
  • You can also bring along a serum to hydrate your skin after having removed your make-up.
  • A small mirror, a BB Cream, a concealer, a bronzer with a brush, an eye pencil or an eyeliner, a mascara (optional), and a lipstick, two different shades will be do.

Well, I think I have listed the most essentials items above but if you think I have missed some, you still can have some add-ons.


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