Women and Weight Lifting

I usually encounter people/clients (mostly women) who refuse to use any dumbbell/weight because they don’t want to get big muscles. According to them using weights during a workout will make their muscles grow instantly. First of all, getting muscles is much harder than we think. To get there it is more than a process, it must become a lifestyle. You must be extremely disciplined, keep always on track AND eat properly. Your muscles WILL NOT grow overnight, it will actually take months or even years.

10153259393039405_470829829_nDuring/After my bikini competition, many people started to tell me to slow down because I was becoming too big, and in todays’ society, a woman with muscles is often referred as not feminine enough. I built 11kg of muscle during the past two years only with bodybuilding. It is actually thanks to lifting weights that I got my “yummy cupcake” and until today, a rounded/firmed butt is definitely a main feminine curve. When it comes to legs, arms, shoulders and back, these make you doubtlessly strong and thick but NOT manlike. Do I look like a man to you? I hope not.

Of course some women choose to become as muscular as men, whether because they like it that way or (mostly) because of bodybuilding competitions, but this is completely a different process. If some women choose to become so then it s only a matter of choice. Lifting some weights three times a week will not make you enormous, as I said before, it is a completely different process, intensity and work.
In fact, combining cardio and weight lifting is the perfect way to burn body fat.
Bodybuilding is a way of living, don’t judge women with muscles, muscles are where some of us get their self-assurance from.




With muscles,

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